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The following images were taken during our road trip around Iceland during summer, as well as our small-ship journey around the Icelandic coast and into the artic circle. Iceland is an amazing place that we loved. The varielty of scenery, the people, the food, and the emptiness  - once you get away from the cities - is simply magical.



The following images were taken during our trip to Japan in autumn. We loved Japan with all it's modern architecture and bright lights sitting side by side with traditional culture.. It was a fascinating place and we hope to return as our three weeks travelling from Tokyo to Hiroshima - with a side trip into the alps -  only scratched the surface of this wonderful country.


Our first cruise


We headed off on our first-ever cruise with 10 days notice ... because we got a bargain of a lifetime and couldn't not go.  We started our 10 day trip in Singapore, headed off to Vietnam and ended in Hong Kong where we spent another day or so looking around. It was a fantastic experience (one I am glad we did) which hopefully my images reflect.

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