Loyal at Heart

ALICE KING always puts her family first. She’s the daughter of a popular Senator, the niece of a military commander, and undertaking espionage training at an isolated military base. She’s loyal, organised and determined to succeed, despite her crush on a blue-eyed Navy SEAL instructor.

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Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Commander NELSON ROSS, always puts his duty first. So, when he’s ordered to accompany Alice to her sister’s engagement party, he does what any serious, career minded sailor would do. He obeys without hesitation, even though his deep attraction to Alice is likely to end his career.

When Alice is accused of undermining her father’s re-election, Nelson is the only person she can rely on to help prove her innocence. While working with Alice, Nelson’s torn between protecting her from afar or standing by her side. But all he really wants to do is kiss her until she melts in his arms.

Surrounded by betrayal and family expectations, Alice and Nelson put loyalty and honour on the line … for love.

Here's what a Page Turner Judge said after reading my submission:

What a pulse-pounding read! From the very beginning you grabbed my interest, to the point where I forgot this was a submission; I was that immersed in the story. Great display of character development through Alice's internal monologue as she fights her body's natural instincts. Plus, the setting of the class had me questioning whether these events were actually real—great way to keep your reader on the edge of their seat. Consider me hooked!

Kayla Henley

Brave at Heart

Lieutenant Colonel DOUGLAS HUNTER is a respected, close-to-retirement military spy. Not that anyone knows that. To most, he’s simply the commander of an active and high-profile military base. He believes loyalty is earned, not just assumed. So, when Doug finds the girl he loved 25 years ago sitting behind his desk late at night, he’s immediately suspicious. She believes he’s betrayed his country. And he’s determined to prove his innocence.


CIA Assistant Director EDITH HOLDEN has a job to do – prove the one male she can’t forget has betrayed his country just like he did her years ago. But the older, wiser, and way too accommodating Lieutenant Colonel, still knows how to push her buttons. He’s still stubborn; still determined he’s always right. And so very annoying. The more time she spends with him, the more she realises how deep her feelings for him go.

But somehow, they must work together to discover the truth behind who’s selling secrets to the Chinese. Reconciling their past – and the reasons behind it – means Edith and Doug must put everything on the line … and be brave enough to embrace this second chance at love.