Love comes before family and duty. Love should always be first...

Executive Assistant ALICE KING always puts her family first. But when she’s accused of undermining her father’s political career, she finds herself having to choose between her family and the man she loves.

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander NELSON ROSS is loyal to the bone. But when he’s ordered to keep an eye on Alice, he finds himself torn between doing his duty and protecting the woman who owns his heart.

Surrounded by betrayal and family expectations, Alice and Nelson discover that love always trumps loyalty and duty.

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Here's what some judges say about this story:

What a pulse-pounding read! From the very beginning you grabbed my interest, to the point where I forgot this was a submission; I was that immersed in the story. Great display of character development through Alice's internal monologue as she fights her body's natural instincts. Plus, the setting of the class had me questioning whether these events were actually real—great way to keep your reader on the edge of their seat. Consider me hooked!

Kayla Henley, Page Turner Awards judge

This book has an energy that is maintained throughout the story. The main characters were believable, likeable, held good values and were people you'd like to know more. Alice's tussle with the family rang true and kept the story interesting.

Romance Writers of Australia's Sapphire Award Judge 160

This story had a lovely romantic hero who rescues the female protagonist but is also her equal. I enjoyed the Military base setting and the suspenseful storyline, with twists and turns that kept me guessing.

Sapphire Award Judge 110

Work in progress: Brave at Heart

Lieutenant Colonel DOUGLAS HUNTER is a respected military intelligence operative. Sure, he's close to retirement. Yes, he's destined to be alone. Experience has taught him that loyalty is earned, but his life isn't over. Yet. However, when Doug finds the woman who broke his heart 25 years ago sitting behind his desk late at night, he’s immediately suspicious.


And his instincts were right, as usual. Because she believes he's involved in selling sensitive information to the enemy, betraying his country. As if that was likely, after all he’s given up for his career. So, he’s determined to prove his innocence, ignoring the heartache and old hurts that seeing her again brings.

CIA Assistant Director EDITH HOLDEN is determined to prove the one male she can’t forget is guilty of betraying his country. After all, he's already proven his unreliability when he left her years ago. Okay, she has moved on from that, and he means nothing to her now. She has a career she loves. He's a traitor, and not worth her time or energy.


What she didn’t consider was how the older, wiser, and way too accommodating Lieutenant Colonel is still able to push her buttons. He’s as stubborn as always, still determined he’s always right, and so very annoying. Especially when they—very reluctantly—work together to uncover the truth, clashing so often it’s a wonder they got any work done at all.


While attempting to prove he’s innocent of the damaging espionage he’s accused of, Doug begins to realise just how deep his feelings for Edith are. Will he be brave enough to embrace this second chance at love, reconciling their past—and the reasons behind it—all while saving the country, and both their careers?