Upcoming Books

Coming Soon: Courageous at Heart

ALICE KING always put her family first. She’s a dedicated executive assistant to her military commander uncle, and a staunch supporter of her Senator father. But when she undertakes specialist training on an isolated military base – a wonderful opportunity that’ll change her life – she begins to see family loyalty isn’t always a Good Thing. Then she’s kidnapped…by the one man on the whole base she can’t stop drooling over.

Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Commander NELSON ROSS must keep his orders to protect the one woman he can’t stop thinking about a secret. But when Alice is accused of undermining her father’s re-election prospects, he’s torn between defending her, or kissing her senseless. Neither option is viable, but that won’t stop him doing his duty. Protecting her, even from his own desires.
Nelson is the only person Alice can rely on to help prove her innocence. Too bad, Nelson’s handsome face and protective instincts are distracting her. She should be concentrating on sorting out the mess her father landed her in while repairing her reputation. Instead, all she’s thinking about is kissing Nelson until all his shields disintegrate.

Surrounded by betrayal and family expectations, Alice and Nelson put loyalty and honour on the line…for a chance at love.

Courageous at Heart is due to be published late in 2021.

Coming early 2022: Brave at Heart

As young adults, they were inseparable. Now, suspicion and betrayal brings them together once more…

Lieutenant Colonel DOUGLAS BRAVEHEART is a respected, close-to-retirement  military spy. Not that anyone actually knows that. To most, he’s simply the commander of an active and high-profile military base. In his world, loyalty is earned. So, when he finds Edith Holden, the girl he loved and left behind twenty years ago, sitting behind his desk late at night, he’s immediately on edge. But when he learns she suspects him of betraying his country, he’s incensed.

CIA Assistant Director EDITH HOLDEN has never forgotten Doug Braveheart. But she’s got a job to do. Sure, she’s there to prove he’s a traitor, and thereby ruin his career. And yes, her investigation means she takes over his role while she’s proving his betrayal. But what she didn’t account for was her attraction to the older, wiser, and way too accommodating Lieutenant Colonel. Nor did she factor in just how loyal those who call him boss actually were. Seems they’ll go to unusual lengths to protect their own. Because everything she uncovers all comes back to that; his initial and way-to-hurtful betrayal of their love.

Surely this is the worst time to fall in love…again? Besides they’re way too old for all that romantic love stuff anyway. But reconciling their past – and the reasons behind it, means Edith and Doug must put everything on the line… They must work together to discover the truth behind who’s selling secrets to the Chinese.

Brave at Heart is planned to be published early in 2022.